Hi, I am Michelle!

I’m a Holistic Kinesiologist, Energy Healer and Therapist assisting people to heal from their pain, emotional issues and health complaints and awakening them to the Truth of who they are!

Who I am What I do

Holistic Kinesiology & Energy Healing Bracken Ridge, Brisbane

I am a Holistic Kinesiologist, Energy Healer and Therapist. My Healings work with the Source Beings of Love and Light to assist my clients on all levels – Mind, Body, Soul and Higher Self/Source.  I also offer Reiki, Egyptian Healing and Access Bars®️.

I specialise in working with the Emotions and the Chakras as most of our issues, blocks and health complaints have an underlying emotional and/or mental cause.  A lot of our issues can be what the Soul has brought through from past lifetimes.  With Kinesiology I use muscle testing to work with the Subconscious, Chakras and Cell Memory which hold the key to what is locked up in our bodies that is causing our Issue or Pain.

Treating the physical body symptoms only will not clear the cause of an issue.   We are so much more than just a physical body so all aspects of us must be taken into account for healing to take place.

My Kinesiology Healings work with all aspects of our Being – Chakras, Organs, Glands, Brain, Physical Body, Meridians, Auric Bodies, Cell Memory, Subconscious and Body Systems.

I am intuitive and spiritually attuned to my clients and their needs working with their Higher Selves prior to and during a Healing.  Due to work commitments bookings are by appointment only.

All Treatments/Consultations address Any or All of the following:

The Health and Well-Being Aspect
Therapeutic Aspect
Energetic / Spiritual Aspect

What I can do for you

Health and Well-Being Aspect(s)

What it is you are experiencing – neck pain, digestive issue, emotional upset, depression, asthma, sleep problems, frozen shoulder

Therapeutic Aspect

Helping you to heal and restore inner balance and harmony

Energetic / Spiritual Aspect

How the issue or blockage is affecting you on different levels – including the Chakras, Organs, Glands, Body Systems etc.

You should also know…

My consultations can assist you:

  • In identifying and clearing the underlying cause of your issue
  • To heal from your pain, ailments and blocks on all levels.
  • To go beyond healing and step into a life of more love, joy and peace
  • To clear karmic patterning, chakra blocks and subconscious blocks
  • To clear Past Lives and Future blocks
  • To awaken you to the magic of who you truly are!

Don’t know what treatment or package would be best for you?  Don’t worry I can work this out with you at the time of booking your appointment.

Get in touch now

To Book an Appointment phone Michelle 0417 612 803

Email: michelle@integrativewellbeingpractitioner.com.au