Each organ of the body has its own spiritual identity. The organ can be programmed with certain emotions that have been brought through at birth. These can be your own Soul’s or passed down from your parents and their lineage line.

To have optimum vitality and Health it is REALLY important to heal ourselves of all karmic patterning we have that is not aligned to the higher vibrations as this karmic patterning creates blocks in our bodies and energy fields.

As it is the energies that hit our planet that our bodies absorb if you have blocks the energy doesn’t flow as it would within a body that has been cleared. Then we may experience pain and other issues.

The clearer we are the easier the body functions and the better the health and vitality as there is nothing impeding the flow of energies.

Remember you are Powerful not Powerless.  It is only conditioning and past life karmic patterning that may make you feel powerless.  However this is NOT your true nature.  While you are a human being you are also a Divine Being.

These feelings of Powerlessness that you may feel can be cleared and healed.  We are supposed to step into our true Divine Nature of being loving, powerful Beings now.  We are all being triggered, awaken and prompted to let go of anything that is not in alignment with our Divine Self.

The rewards are many and great  if you choose to Heal Yourself.  It may be uncomfortable at times depending on what is there to be cleared however it will soon pass and you will feel fantastic!

Step into the Truth of Who You Are!