The Chakras are spinning vortices of energy that you cannot see with the physical eyes. Just like you can’t see the meridians which are like our energy circulation system. Our physical bodies interact and utilise the universal life force energies. The chakras are the interface between these universal energies and our physical bodies as they step down the energies for our bodies to utilise. When we have health and well-being issues or ailments there is nearly always a block in one or more of the major chakras.
There are numerous chakras located in the physical body (the major ones near the endocrine glands) as well as chakras located above and below our bodies.
When we clear the blocks in our chakras we are also helping our physical body to function better as everything is interconnected – our Soul, Emotions, Mental body, Physical body, Chakras, Meridians, Subconscious, Consciousness.
This time on Earth is about clearing the karmic patterning/energy distortions we have and awakening to who we really are (beyond the personality).
Heal what’s creating your health and well-being issue(s) and awaken to who you truly are as your Authentic I AM Soul Self.
Reiki is a wonderful Healing Modality to learn!  This is Level II of III.  If you have already done Level I Usui Shiki Ryoho and would like to learn Level II this is for you!
This workshop includes:
Learning the names and uses of 3 Reiki symbols
Learn how to do Distance Reiki Healings for others as well as how to use the symbols for distant healing for Past, Present and Future times/issues
Receive the Reiki II attunement initiating you to the 3 sacred symbols
Practice drawing the symbols
Course booklet and certificate provided.
It will be held over 1-2 days with numbers kept small. 
At this time of Ascension and upgrade for the human species it means for many bringing more of the Soul’s light into the physical body. This can result in the triggering of karmic patterning/energy distortion coming up which can result in pain, tiredness, emotional, mental or physical symptoms.
As we clear and heal the karmic patterning our soul has taken on we feel more calm, peaceful and joyful allowing more of our Soul’s light and expression to shine through.
It is so important now more than ever to be our sovereign soul selves, to know and stand in our own truth, our heart’s strength and follow our Heart’s Guidance.
My Kinesiology Healings can assist you with all of the above. There is an abundance of support available out there just trust what you are guided/drawn to.