About Me

Hello and welcome to my website.  I am a Kinesiologist, Energy Healer, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist and Access Consciousness®️  Bars Practitioner located in Bracken Ridge on Brisbane’s North Side. 

My purpose and passion in this life is to assist others to Heal and Awaken to the Magnificence of who they are as this has also been my journey.  

Everything we experience as pain, health complaints, emotional issues all have an underlying cause which is normally emotional or mental.  On an energetic level there is a block in one/some or all of the chakras.  Some issues can be Genetic and these too can be addressed.  

Until we start our healing journey we are unconscious most of the time to the karmic patterning and blocks affecting us, our relationships, our health etc.  We are not the limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions that we feel.  Let me just say that again You are NOT the limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions that you feel.  These are distorted karmic energy blocks or patterns that the soul has brought through from many past lifetimes. Now is the time to heal them.

Part of my work involves communicating with your Subconscious, Cell Memory and Higher Self through Muscle Testing to uncover what is causing your Health Complaint, Emotional Issue or Pain.  A lot of it can be Karmic Patterning that your Soul has brought through from Past Lives.  Your Body holds all the answers!  

By clearing the Block or Stress we free up the body to heal itself and to feel better on all levels.  We are also healing the Energetic Bodies (especially the Chakras), clearing out the triggers in our Subconscious and/or Cell Memory.  We are so much more than just a Physical Body!  You will feel more peaceful, calm and lighter the more you continue to heal yourself.

It can be a bit daunting to start the healing journey however if you want to be free of your pain, emotional issues, health issues, relationship issues it is the only way to go.  Your healing is my priority as well as helping you to remember and know the beautiful soul that you are.

As well as offering Healings, Access Bars®️ and Hawaiian Massage I also teach Reiki Workshops.  Reiki is wonderful to learn and be attuned to for your own healing and/or spiritual growth or if you want to give Reiki healing to your friends, family or pets.