About Me

Hello and welcome to my website!  In a nutshell I am an Energy Healer and Channel.    

What I do is life changing!  If you have felt held back by traumas, abuse, health issues, relationships etc it doesn’t really matter what it is you aren’t stuck with it affecting you forever.  The services I offer include Kinesiology, Reiki, Egyptian Healing and Access Bars®.  As a qualified Reiki Master I also teach Reiki Attunement Workshops Level I, II and III.  I am Iocated in Bracken Ridge on Brisbane’s north side.  

Helping people to experience greater love, joy, happiness, better health, more peace and greater awareness of who they truly are are some of the things I absolutely love about what I do! 

My mission is to help people discover who they really are on a Soul/Source level; help them to be free of their karmic stuff so they can be happy, healthy and create a life they love!  

Kinesiology has been the absolute key to my Healing, Awakening and Evolving!  It never ceases to amaze me what we have suppressed or buried within.  I love the work I do and the benefits and changes that happen as a result are priceless!!

This time on Earth is very significant as we are being upgraded and awakened by the higher energies hitting Earth.  I am really grateful to be here, to be clearing/healing my own “stuff” (and still doing it as we never stop evolving) and to be able to help others through the work I do.

When we change inside then outside (life) changes in miraculous ways too!  We also become and integrate more of our Higher Selves, expand into higher consciousness, access more of our Soul’s wisdom, gifts and abilities to name a few!  

If you are wanting to express more of your Authentic I AM Soul Self and/or align with your Soul’s purpose I can help you with that too!  

It truly is time to enjoy life, be happy, at peace, healthy, abundant and free to create what your heart truly desires!  

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