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Powerful not Powerless

Remember you are Powerful not Powerless.  It is only conditioning and past life karmic patterning that may make you feel powerless.  However this is NOT your true nature.  While you are a human being you are also a Divine Being. These feelings of Powerlessness that you may feel can be cleared and healed.  We are […]

Kinesiology for Toddlers and Children

Kinesiology is highly effective for toddlers and children. As we know young children are already open and easy to work with.  As Kinesiology is guided by the toddler or young child’s body and higher self it is completely safe as the healing is guided by them.  Kinesiology is great for young toddlers or children not sleeping […]

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Kinesiology and Transformation

Kinesiology and Transformation. Kinesiology is a fantastic tool for making transformational changes on all levels. It is not only great for clearing unresolved emotions, overcoming past traumas, health and physical conditions but it is fantastic for helping you to tap into your potential, connect with your soul and for your spiritual evolvement. Whatever challenges or […]

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Cell Memory

What is Cell Memory? Your cells remember and hold all the information from your past lives right up until your present life and are constantly updating this information.  This cellular memory retains information on all levels of your being, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Each person’s body has a cellular memory of experiences in the […]


The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra Do you have trouble expressing what you need to say? Do you speak from the heart with clear intention?  Communication and speaking our truth both relate to the throat chakra. What is a chakra?  In Sanskrit chakra means wheel or circle (Cooper and Crosswell, 2009). Chakras are energy centres of light. They are […]

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Chakras and the Emotions

Chakras are spiritual energy centres within our body which take in divine light and radiate it out into the aura. Light contains spiritual knowledge.  There are also chakras below and above the physical body.  Our chakras can open, close, be disfigured and have imbalances.  Most chakras have a front and back side. Humanity is now […]