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So much is changing…..

Not only are changes happening out there in the world but they are also happening to everyone.  COVID is helping everyone to live for today (not to worry about the future) as we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. The old ways of being in the world are breaking down, old systems/structures are collapsing.  There […]

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Being Present

The more unresolved stuff we have within the less we are able to be present as we will always be triggered by situations, people and things from the past. There is always talk about “being present” however it is difficult to be present when you are triggered by unresolved things and taken off into a […]

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Abuse – Physical, Mental, Emotional, Sexual

A lot of people have experienced one or more of these types of Abuse in their life. Abuse impacts us in many ways – feeling powerless, worthless, undeserving, something is wrong with me, I don’t matter, trust issues, relationship issues, feeling invalidated, shame, lack of confidence, feeling alone, unsupported, anxiety, depression, experiencing health issues/conditions to […]

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Digestive Issues / Feeling Powerless / Solar Plexus Chakra

Do you experience digestive issues?  Can’t stomach/digest certain foods or food in general?  Do you suffer bloating in the abdominal area? Our stomach is the organ responsible for breaking down/digesting the food that we eat.  It is also symbolic of breaking down/digesting our experiences in life.  Your digestive issues could be related to experiences you […]