Are you feeling stressed? Have you been through a stressful time and felt that stress is still in your body and mind long after the event?

The good news is you can release that stress with Kinesiology!

Kinesiology works with the whole of who you are – emotions, physical body, subconscious mind, auric bodies, glands, body systems, chakras, organs, conscious mind and more!  When we go through stressful events/experiences we can suppress emotions as it can be too much/too painful to deal with at the time.  When left unchecked eventually this “stress” may lead to dis-ease in the body.

Kinesiology talks with your body using muscle testing to uncover what the “stress” is that is suppressed and then releases it.  You will feel lighter, more peaceful and better on all levels (including physically).

Taking time out to be still, sit or walk in nature, connect with your Heart, meditation, yoga, tai chi, reiki, massage, eating healthily are some of the ways you can reduce your stress and nurture yourself.

Heal, Awaken and Evolve with my Kinesiology Healings! 


Is Anxiety ruling your life?


Are you tired of feeling anxious, stressed, on edge?


Our true nature is not anxious and our life experiences in this life (and past lives) affect how we think and feel.


My Kinesiology Healings work with your Higher Self, subconscious, emotions, chakras and much more to identify and clear the cause of your anxiety.


Why live with anxiety when you can feel at peace, calm, centred and relaxed?


All Healings are by appointment only.



Ailment or Issue

Do you wonder what is happening out there in the world? Some things seem to be breaking down or what you have been doing for work, relationships doesn’t feel right anymore?

On a deeper level our Souls chose to be here at this time on Earth. A lot of old structures and beliefs are breaking down and a lot of changes are happening.

This is also the case for us! Our personality self or ego may have one idea yet our heart is pulling us in another direction.

We are being awakened to remember who we are; to align with our Soul’s purpose and plan and this involves releasing all of the karmic layers and untruths our Souls have taken on in many lifetimes.

It may feel that we are falling apart and think that what is happening out there in the world is similar. The old needs to breakdown and release so we can be and express more of our Souls light and truth!

My Kinesiology Healings can assist you in letting go of what is no longer serving you and help you to align more with your authentic I AM Soul Self.Awaken Alive Unlimited

Awaken and Embody the Magnificence of Who You Are!

Your Soul has much wisdom, gifts and abilities acquired over many lifetimes. We are being awakened now into more of who we truly are.  It’s time to start looking at who you are beyond the personality in this lifetime.

Clearing the dross and karmic patterning your Soul has taken on over its many lifetimes will help to awaken you more quickly along with connecting in more strongly with your Heart’s voice and Higher Self’s guidance.

Experience more love, calm, peace and joy as you embark on your Souls Ascension.Joy Balloons

Connect more strongly with your Souls Purpose in this lifetime and align your Hara Line.

It’s time to Awaken into the Magnificence of Who You Truly Are! 🌟

Experience the Magic of my Kinesiology Healings!

Ready to Fly Higher!  A New Year and an opportunity to experience yourself on a new level!
The more we clear our karmic patterning/energy distortion our Soul has taken on (not just in this life), the more we can connect to who we truly are and our true nature which is Love.
Whether it’s health issues, feeling powerless, disheartened by life, fear…. all these things can be addressed.
Experience more peace, calm, joy and rise above the lower energies.  
Our energy is an attractor to what we can experience in life. When we change internally our external world changes too.
ButterflyHeal, Awaken and Evolve with my Kinesiology Healings!

Merry Christmas!  Wishing you so much Love, Joy and Peace not only at this special time of the year but all year through.  I hope you all enjoy some time out to just be, reconnect with the love and beautiful Soul that you are.

Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

My last day of in person healings/treatments is Friday 22nd December 2023 and I will re open on Monday 8th January 2024.  If you would like to book an Appointment please text 0417 612 803 or email your request through (via my Contact Page) and I will confirm.  For any urgent Distance Healings please contact me as above.

Much love!

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Merry Christmas

Physical and Health Issues

Infected toe? Dermatitis, Food Intolerance, Irritable Bowel, Tight in the chest?

You don’t just “get” these things for no reason. Most people think they must have stepped on something to get a sore toe when most of the time the cause is emotional/energy distortion.

We are more than just a physical body. We are energy and consciousness. We experience a whole range of emotions and experiences.

Heal, Awaken and Evolve. Discover and heal what you have suppressed; feel happier and healthier today. Book your Kinesiology appointment today!Lungs

How We Think and Feel

What we think and feel isn’t really who we are.  Think about that for a minute.

It is the karmic patterning/energy distortion/what is suppressed within our being that affects how we think and feel.Issue or Ailment

When we clear the “stuff” we have buried we then start to feel and think differently! When we change internally, our energy and vibration changes, how we see the world changes and what we experience “out there” also changes.

This time on Earth is about being awakened into more of who we truly are and expressing more of our true nature – love, joy, light and beauty.  If you are wanting to feel happier, more joyful and not be affected by the “stuff” that continues to bug you or get you down then set yourself free!

Experience the Magic of my Kinesiology Healings today!

Thinking of gifting someone an amazing Kinesiology, Reiki or Access Bars® treatment?  Would you like someone else to experience the magic, healing and awakening of my Treatments?

Gift Vouchers are available for purchase at any time. The Gift Voucher can be be tailored for the person you have in mind.  Include a short message, have it posted or collect it in person.


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Wouldn’t it be great if you could resolve your issue and not need to take medication forever?

A lot of people today suffer depression, anxiety and a whole lot more! It’s really increased since the onset of COVID. I believe COVID was a real opportunity to overcome our fears and tune into our Hearts/Higher Selves.

While it’s necessary sometimes to take medication to help you feel better and cope it doesn’t always alleviate or resolve why you got depression, anxiety etc in the first place. Underneath the Depression and Anxiety are emotional and energy blocks that created them. These can be cleared so you can feel happy again and at peace.

Our emotions, thoughts, subconscious, consciousness and what our soul has taken on in this life and other lives all affect us and the functioning of our physical body. Our physical body has an innate ability to heal itself and when it can’t it lets us know with symptoms. Whether its organ issues, immune system conditions, stiff neck, sore shoulder, bloating, constipation, digestive issues, headaches etc.

If you are ready to let go of what no longer serves you and to step into more joy, peace, love you have come to the right person. You will change and feel different in a totally amazing way!