Remember you are Powerful not Powerless.  It is only conditioning and past life karmic patterning that may make you feel powerless.  However this is NOT your true nature.  While you are a human being you are also a Divine Being.

These feelings of Powerlessness that you may feel can be cleared and healed.  We are supposed to step into our true Divine Nature of being loving, powerful Beings now.  We are all being triggered, awaken and prompted to let go of anything that is not in alignment with our Divine Self.

The rewards are many and great  if you choose to Heal Yourself.  It may be uncomfortable at times depending on what is there to be cleared however it will soon pass and you will feel fantastic!

Step into the Truth of Who You Are!

Kinesiology is highly effective for toddlers and children. As we know young children are already open and easy to work with.  As Kinesiology is guided by the toddler or young child’s body and higher self it is completely safe as the healing is guided by them.  Kinesiology is great for young toddlers or children not sleeping well, overly clingy, feeling withdrawn or not themselves from interactions with other young toddlers/children.

Kinesiology takes the guesswork out of working out what is affecting your young child and clears the underlying issue and/or emotions so the young child is free to be their happy selves again!

I have worked with many young toddlers and children and seen the remarkable transformations much to the relief of their parents.