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Feeling Stressed? Been through stressful experiences?

Are you feeling stressed? Have you been through a stressful time and felt that stress is still in your body and mind long after the event?

The good news is you can release that stress with Kinesiology!

Kinesiology works with the whole of who you are – emotions, physical body, subconscious mind, auric bodies, glands, body systems, chakras, organs, conscious mind and more!  When we go through stressful events/experiences we can suppress emotions as it can be too much/too painful to deal with at the time.  When left unchecked eventually this “stress” may lead to dis-ease in the body.

Kinesiology talks with your body using muscle testing to uncover what the “stress” is that is suppressed and then releases it.  You will feel lighter, more peaceful and better on all levels (including physically).

Taking time out to be still, sit or walk in nature, connect with your Heart, meditation, yoga, tai chi, reiki, massage, eating healthily are some of the ways you can reduce your stress and nurture yourself.

Heal, Awaken and Evolve with my Kinesiology Healings! 


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