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Here we are…. December 2022 already!

Can you believe we are in December already?!  This year has certainly gone fast I’m sure you will agree.  I am sure there isn’t one person that hasn’t had their challenges this year.  It certainly is a HUGE time of change for the planet and for us.

If you feel the need for some time out and to just be, reconnect with yourself and gather your energy you aren’t alone. It’s really important that we do this for ourselves as the energies can really knock us around at times.

Being in nature is very nurturing and uplifting too.  There are many lovely things you can do for yourself.  Follow your heart and you can’t go wrong!  Give yourself a high five for getting through this year as it hasn’t been easy at times.  With love in our hearts and surrendering to what is we can allow the new to unfold.

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