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If you have been ill, have an illness, injury or have had surgery Reiki is fantastic for facilitating a faster recovery.  It not only works on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual but it also replenishes your chi / life force energy which is what diminishes when we have dis-ease in our bodies.

I work with your Higher Self prior to and during a Reiki Healing.  Many people say how well they sleep after a Reiki Healing, how much better they feel energy wise and how their ailment/condition has improved greatly.
Integrative Well-Being Practitioner, Healing and Transformation, Michelle Pantges Healing

There are many many benefits to having a Reiki Healing and if you are concerned about being vulnerable immune wise then a Reiki Distance/Remote Healing is perfect as you can be in the comfort of your own home and still receive the benefits the same as if you were in person.

On a higher level we are all connected.  You are actually so much more than your physical body.  Your physical body is the last body (most dense) to show distorted energies manifesting as physical dis-ease in whatever form they take.

I offer 1.5hr, 1hr and 30 minute Reiki Healings in person and by Distance.  The Distance Healing includes a phone consultation prior to and after the Healing.