Michelle is a talented healer, who is kind, professional and welcoming. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to embark on an improved wellness journey!

Amanda Q. – September 2020


I am so grateful for meeting Michelle and my experience through kinesiology. 
Kinesiology has helped me identify and let go of key issues in my life that have been weighing me down for many years and prevent me from being my true self.  I now feel as though I can confidently deal with anything that this lifetime throws at me. 
I walk out of each session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and would definitely recommend Michelle to anyone who would like to experience the fantastic benefits of kinesiology.   

Thank you again Michelle, I truly appreciate you and your work.

Riana – July 2020


Thanks Michelle for all those positive words. I do feel released from everything. You have found your true calling. You are a natural as a counsellor. I was thinking of getting some more counselling a couple of months ago but with the kinesiology and talking to you I don’t feel the need. You are an excellent listener and even a couple of counsellors I saw didn’t have that.

Pauline Sorensen – October 2018


Michelle Pantges is one truly gifted and amazing lady. Her healing and natural intuition, makes her second to none. I have personally worked with Michelle on many emotional and physical ailments. Sometimes those issues can be confronting, but I never felt judged or criticised.
She holds a space in healing, where it is truly unconditional love.
This year is really about nurturing ourselves. Stepping forward and creating a life that you chose to live. If you feel you have blockages in your life, pls see Michelle.

Niki Don – January 2017


I had some pain in the side-tendons of my neck for the past few months and I couldn’t work out ‘why’, as I’ve never had a problem with this area before.  It wasn’t until I’d had a Kinesiology session with Michelle – to help with my Goal of being comfortable with Public Speaking – that multiple past-life limitations in this area were cleared.  As soon as I got up from the table, the neck pain had instantly disappeared, like it had never been there.   The pain had appeared just as I was considering embarking on a new path in life & I didn’t realise the connection until after the Kinesiology session with Michelle.

I recommend Kinesiology for anyone looking to find healing for their body from unknown sources.  Michelle is also a Reiki Master and has utilised her training in both areas, together with her amazing intuition, to provide a wonderful healing response for me over the past couple of years – at any given time, for many and varied situations.  I would recommend you see Michelle for any condition, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

SB – May 2014


Dearest Michelle,

Thank you for the wonderful experience, you have given me with your gentle healing kinesiology, during my session with you I found myself drifting into a beautiful space and seeing lights zipping around the channels of my body (something I never have experienced before) like lights of cars on a freeway at night. I truly am grateful to you for your healing hands and abilities.

Kindest Regards Always
Dhana – January 2013


I have experienced in the past a few different healing techniques throughout my life and I feel that a lot of them have been very good and powerful. In 2009 I had a kinesiology treatment and I noticed the enormous gift that Michelle has as a healer. Her compassion and her dedication to her work is easily transferred through her healing hands and her amazing gift. I thank Michelle for her loving gift that she shares with humanity and I wish that more people have the same opportunity and experience that I have had through her kinesiology technique.
Sandra – June 2011