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The Path of Ascension!

This time on Earth up until 2033 is a MAJOR period of change not just on Earth but throughout the entire universe.

There is so much change, chaos and breaking down of the old – especially with the financial system, the way we live and spend our time, clearing out of the karmic patterning we have and much more!Ascension

The energies hitting our planet are activating or turning on more of our DNA and awakening us to who we truly are. Everyone is being affected differently. It’s really important to be aligned with Love and as the energies are going to continue and build in intensity.

In order for the new to establish the old must be broken down both within us and out there in the world.

Trust your Intuition or Higher Self Guidance and know your own truth. Ascension isn’t about going anywhere it is about embodying more of your I AM Soul Self while in a physical body. Part of the Ascension changes are and will continue to affect our physical body.

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